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BCM School Health Program focuses on improving Nutrition and health status of the children which can establish healthy eating behaviour and mental health. The patterns of behaviour that form in the teen years carry over into adulthood and impact our overall health.

These programs are designed for the grade KG-VIII.Under this program (activities like model making, interactive sessions, Health Talk, PPT’s etc.) will be taken into consideration by the School doctors and student’s participation.

The program includes following topics:-

  1. Food Pyramid: It is a visual guide designed to address types and proportions of food that we should eat everyday for good health.

  2. Hand Washing & Sanitation: It offers opportunity to teach about dirt and disease and can practically be done to improve health through better sanitation and hygiene

  3. Good Posture: To keep one spine strong and stable. One must practice healthy postures. But when we slouch or stoop our muscles and ligaments strain to keep the balance which can lead to arthritis.

    So, with this students can understand the importance of good postures in life.

  4. Substance/Drug Abuse: “Rescue Instead of Tattling”. It is an effectively designed classroom based substance abuse prevention program which focuses on three factors ; Tobacco , alcohol and other drug use, accompanied by violence related behaviours among youth. Target ages – 12 to 18 years

  5. De-stress Vs Distress: it is based on the science and theory of mindfulness that describes it in the form of meditation. It is useful for students in stress, any medical illness, psychological distress – anxiety depression, sleep disturbances etc.

  6. Binge Eating Disorder: In this program, students can explore current diets and learn health consequences of bad eating habits or Binge Eating. The core problem in Eating Disorder is overconcern with shape and weight.

    Specially, in teenage with the impact of Television screens, self image is formed by themselves i.e. negative body image which further lead to ED.



It is designed for Class KG to 8th. Here groups of 5 to 10 students will make their own Food Pyramid Model by their own choices of food along with the portion of servings.

a)Students will come to know the type of food, their nutritional value, along with calorie range for promoting life long healthy eating behaviour.

b) Health status of child will improve if they start practicing eating habits according to food pyramid guide

c) Students can differentiate Fad diets after being learning healthy choices.


It is designed for Class KG to 12th. Specially for age group 4 to 5 who are just starting to use toilets.

Objective: Children should be able to learn

  1. Importance of drinking water
  2. Use of Toilets
  3. Washing hands with soap and water after using toilet and before eating.

The combination of adequate facility correct behavioural practices and Hygiene education meant to have an impact on Health & Hygiene Conditions.

Activity done in form of Hand washing techniques with 6 steps of Hand washing (Demonstration)

-Cleanliness song “Wash your hands…………”

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6WASH YOUR HANDS
WITH SOAP & WATER (20 seconds)

Palm to palm

Back of Hands

In between


Nails &


Thumb &



It is our best interest to begin changing our postures and adapting good postures in our day to day routine in order to prevent long term changes.

It is designed for 4 to 10 grade students

a)Learn about good postures while sitting and standing.

b)Prevent health problems like backache, headache, arthritis.

c) Learn right postures of sitting in front of computers, screens etc.

Activity done in the form of Health Talk and along demonstration given to students about good posture and bad postures





It is designed for implementation in classroom sitting by a trained teacher or health education specialist. It includes session of 35 to 40 minutes.

The target ages are 12 to 18 years.

In this program, students learn coping skills or how to resist youth, peer pressure from excluding themselves from Drug Abuse practices. With the help of motivation factors, skills and decision making approach lead to health promoting behaviour.

a)Stop or reduce use of cigarettes, alchohol, hard drugs(cocaine, depressants)

b) Stop or reduce weapon carrying &victimization.

c) state accurate information about consequences of drug abuse by giving real life examples.

d) make a personal commitment regarding drug use.



Mindful body De-stressing Program is based on theory of mindfulness, to pay wise attention to whatever is happening in your life inward and outward. It helps to reduce medical symptoms and psychological distress. Opposite of first flight system (stress) is the Rest & digest system (Rexation).

-Talk therapy, Relaxation Exercises, Meditation by which we get help to set goals to fulfil during program.

-It is designed for 6 to 12 grade with the help of school councellor , if required.

a)It is filled with motivation.

b)Feeling of great sense of balance.

c) Win win approach strategy.


To celebrate natural diversity of Body sizes and shapes.

Goal: To reduce the prevalence of Anorexia, Binge eating through awareness Campaign that educates, informs and engages students to talk about eating disorder.

It is designed for Grade 6 to 12.

a) addressing social factors and dispelling common myth by providing information on ED, dieting, weight etc.

b) Emphasising an individual identity and personhood rather than external appearance.

c) By Nutritional Councellor explain four components of ED i.e.

  1. Strict Dieting

  2. Low Weight

  3. Bingeing
  4. Compensatory Behaviour

d) Change Negative Image

e) Medically assisted

f) Psychotheraphy