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ॐ भूर् भुवः स्वः। तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यं। भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि। धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥
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Pracheen Kala Kendra

Pracheen kala kendra , is one of the oldest , premier and prestigious organisations of the country dedicated to promotion, preservation and dissemination of Indian classical arts , since 1956. Its main headquarters is in Mohali.

Our school is running kendr classes from 2022 , of fine arts and music vocal , four times a week .

The Kendra awards the following certificates and diplomas to the succession candidates in the above mentioned subjects-:

  1. Prarambhik ( 2years preliminary course)
  2. ⁠Bhushan ( 3years course after prarambhik)

By this diploma/ degree students definitely polishes and refines their skills and adds feather to their caps by achieving more skills and also r chance their cultural love.