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Anti-Bullying Policy

This document is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies for the prevention of bullying at B.C.M Arya School. All our students have the right to work in an environment which is safe from intimidation and in which any type of bullying is not acceptable.


Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power or strength. The definition includes a wide range of behaviour whether verbal, written, physical or social, targeting a person or property.

School position on bullying:
  • BCM Arya School believes that each student has a right to education free from fear and intimidation.

  • The school regards bullying as a serious violation of individual’s rights and a serious threat to the Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence of targeted students. Therefore, it does not tolerate bullying of any kind.

  • Every report of bullying is treated seriously and dealt with at the earliest, giving due regard to the well being of the targeted students and the perpetrators.

  • The immediate priority is to end bullying and protect the students being targeted.

  • All Students , Teachers and Staff members are expected to maintain a safe environment on becoming aware of any instance of bullying whether its inside or outside the school and it should be reported to Anti Bullying Committee

  • Student participation in school life is encouraged through existing school structure. Awareness of bullying and willingness to take action to prevent and stop it.

  • Anti bullying boxes are installed inside the School Campus.

BCM Arya Aims:
  1. To promote a secure and happy environment that is free from threat, harassment and any type of bullying behavior.

  2. To increase the awareness of bullying behavior in the school community as a whole.

  3. To devise school based measures to prevent and deal with bullying behaviour .

  4. To inform pupils and parents of the schools expectations and to foster a productive partnership which helps maintain bully free environment.

  5. To make staff aware of their role in fostering knowledge and attitudes that will be required to achieve the above aims.

Raising Awareness:
  • Pro-actively explaining the nature and variety, causes, consequences and unacceptability of bullying.

  • Students are helped to understand the issue of bullying in calm and rational way by role playing, writing essays and poems, music, songs, posters and slogans.

  • Students are made aware that the consequences of bulling are always bad for those who are targeted, even if this is not always obvious at that time.

  • Students are encouraged to recognize, reject and report bullying behavior to responsible adults in the school community.

  • Through presentations or other exercises, the school staff is made aware of the nature of bullying and the signs that might indicate that a student is being bullied. They are encouraged to be vigilant in watching out for signs of bullying and to report such acts of bullying that they may notice suspect.

Responsibilities of Stake Holders
Student Responsibilities

a)The target

  • To report an incident to a responsible adult.

  • Not to fight back or deal with the situation without the help / advice of an adult.

b) The bully

  • To stop bullying.

  • To try to imagine how they would feel if the tables were turned.

c) All

  • Report all bullying incidents to an adult.

  • Support the victim.

  • Avoid being a ‘passive bully’ by watching or laughing while another person does the bullying.

Staff responsibilities
  • To treat all reports of bullying seriously.

  • To listen to all parties involved in incidents.

  • To investigate thoroughly

  • To take action themselves and refer the matter to anti bullying committee.

  • To record all incidents.

  • To promote the range of teaching and learning styles and strategies which challenge the bullying behavior.

  • To foster the values of the school in students by giving examples.

  • To assist all students to understand their responsibilities through support club and assemblies.

The Responsibilities of Parents

We ask our parents to support their children and the school by:

  • Watching for signs of distress or unusual behaviour in their children, which might be the evidence of bullying.

  • Advising their children to report any bullying to a member of Staff/School Counsellor /their class teacher and explain them the implications of unchecked bullying.

  • Advising their children not to retaliate violently to any form of bullying.

  • Being sympathetic and supportive towards their children, and reassuring them that appropriate action will be taken;

  • Keep a written record of any reported instances of bullying.

  • Informing the school of any suspected bullying, even if their children are not involved.

  • Co-operating with the school, if their children are accused of bullying, in ascertaining the truth. and figuring out the implications of bullying, both for the children who are bullied and for the bullies themselves.

The Responsibilities of All:
  • Everyone should work together to combat and eradicate bullying.

  • Within the school community

  • Pastoral provision

  • Classroom management

  • Guidelines for records and sanctions

Preventive Measures:


The following are the steps taken to support and respond to the needs of both bullied and bullying pupils.

  1. Proper records maintenance

  2. Appropriate action to be taken

Contacting parents of all pupils concerned in the bullying incident.

  • Investigation.

  • Feedback given to concerned.

  • Sanctions.

  • Contacting relevant professionals eg. Behaviour Management Team, Pupil Personal Development Team, School Psychologist, Anti-Bullying Committee and Counsellors.


Workshops, Awareness Sessions, Induction Programmes are organized by School Psychologist sensitize staff members for prevention of bullying and reporting bullying incident within the classrooms and playground. Complaint boxes are also installed at different locations. Review of the bullying policies is done twice a year, feedback is also collected from the disciplinary incharges to take appropriate action. Four full time counsellors are appointed for Primary, Middle and Senior sections to resolve the issues of bullying within the time framed.

Full time School Psychologist is a part of Anti-Bullying Committee along with Medical Officer and members of Parent Teacher association.

All documentation regarding bullying incidents is retained securely with the school psychologist.

  • Physical violence such as hitting, pushing or spitting at another pupil.

  • Interfering with another pupil’s property by stealing, hiding or damaging it.

  • Using offensive names when addressing another pupil.

  • Teasing or spreading rumours about another pupil or his/her family.

  • Belittling another pupil’s abilities and achievements.

  • Writing offensive notes or graffiti about another pupil.

  • Excluding another pupil from a group activity.

  • Ridiculing another pupil’s appearance, way of speaking or personal mannerisms. Misusing technology (internet or mobiles) to hurt or humiliate another person.

Anti Bullying Committee Members

1. Mrs. Anu Verma
2. Mr. Puneet Setia
3. Mr. Jawala Parshad
4. Mrs. Sandeep Kaur
5. Mr. Newton
6. Ms. Neha Chum

Reporting procedures for Students:

Whom to tell?

  •  Parents, teachers

  • Anti Bulling Committee Members

  • Friends who can speak on their your behalf

How to tell ?

  • Direct approach to a teacher.

  • Make a phone call to the school Counsellor or to a trusted teacher in the school.

  • Email to the school

  • Drop in Antibullying Complaint Boxes

  • Trusted friend to tell on your behalf.

  • Parents can inform the school.

  • Witnesses can inform appropriate person.

It is important to note that records related to the incidents of bullying and actions taken to resolve them will be preserved for future references and are kept confidential.
The policy was adopted by Board of Management on 22nd July 2019.


We have clearly stated policies regarding child protection, positive behaviour and discipline and acceptable usage of internet. Therefore, Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and strict action will taken against defaulters.