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Green School Programme

The Green School Programme is a year-long programme that gives students regular insight into eco-dynamics and the overall environmental challenges faced at the global and regional levels. The programme inculcates and fosters a sense of civic responsibility amongst students for reducing their ecological footprint. It engages students and teachers in a structured environmental awareness.

Green Schools Programme is an environmental education programme directed to subtly sensitize students to the environment through hands-on and thought-provoking activities like Poster making on Water conservation, Save soil, Surveys by the students to check method adopted for pollution control, parameters to check Electricity consumption and method to save it. GSP inculcates the values of resource management, empowers students to use natural resources in a responsible and efficient manner and practice effective and sustainable methods that will become a way of life.
The school has been running its Green Programme under the five sustainability parameters – Air, Water, Waste, Land, Energy and Food. Celebration of birthdays by gifting saplings, ban on polythene bags, growing plants on Van mohatsava, pooling system are some key rules engraved deeply in the minds of all students.