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Skill Education

Skill education is a beacon illuminating the path towards a future where education is not just about degrees but about empowering individuals with the practical proficiency needed to thrive in their chosen careers. By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on expertise, skill education emerges as a transformative force, shaping individuals into competent contributors to the global workforce.

As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, skill education stands as a key enabler of personal growth, economic prosperity, and societal advancement.


Understanding financial administration, management, monitoring, and control is made possible by financial literacy, which is one of the main areas of attention in NSQF. We can cultivate a culture of thrift by promoting financial knowledge. It is easy for us to distinguish between our “wants” and “needs.” Additionally, we may better organize our financial affairs, which raises our standard of living overall. Being financially literate enables us to make wiser financial choices. On the other hand, when it’s absent, a person experiences extreme stress. Financial frauds might easily target us if we lack financial literacy.


Artificial Intelligence and Coding is included in the CBSE curriculum for teaching kids futuristic skills like digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, design thinking, and many more. The aim to develop an understanding of AI and its implications on our society. This course is planned in a sequential manner for creating employability and professional skills among the students. It focuses on the sub-units of syllabus like- Excite, Relate, Purpose, Possibilities, and AI Ethics. It covers the topic like Human-Machine interactions, AI in daily life, AI on Sustainable development goals, AI ethics, AI bias and AI access.


Information Technology (IT) as Vocational course at secondary level in class IX (Level-1) and class X (level-2). In the present day of globalized competition, Information Technology plays a significant role. Information Technology (IT) has created a revolution in every field and enabled students towards progressive learning. School should focus on IT lessons is that it helps to provide students with the skills that they need to succeed in the future. Technology is constantly changing and almost every industry has experienced incredible innovation in recent years, so it’s important that students are given the tools, traits and questions that they need to succeed in this uncertain future. The study of I.T, their functions, operations, and related software programs is referred to as computer education. Information technology is essential in schools because it gives pupils the skills they need to think critically and solve problems as well as preparing them for a digital future.


The outward appearance of a person is the first thing that catches the eye of others. Therefore, being presentable at all times is of considerable importance. Here, comes the role of a Beauty Therapist, who carries out various beauty treatments on a person to improve the overall appearance, which includes dressing-up appropriately, putting the right make-up, skincare and hairstyle. Besides, the therapist gives wellness treatments, including manicure and pedicure which is taught under this course- Beauty and Wellness. 

This course is designed for the students to learn about and perform the basics of beauty therapy and maintain hygiene and safety at workplace. Under this course, the students are trained about various beauty products and how to perform basic depilation, manicure, pedicure and basic face care services. 

This course also prepares students for jobs in various beauty facilities such as salons and beauty parlors. Some students may also decide to become institute heads, marketing managers, or institute directors. They will be able to assist Beauty Therapists in providing advanced services. The students are trained in the correct usage and handling to perform the skin treatments safely.